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interview ISSN 2175-6708


Os professores Gabriela Celani e Rafael Urano entrevistam os alemães Tobias Walisser e Oliver Tessmann para o portal Vitruvius.

Professors Gabriela Celani and Rafael Urano interview Tobias Walisser and Oliver Tessmann for the Vitruvius portal.

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CELANI, Gabriela; URANO, Rafael . Chat with Tobias Walisser and Oliver Tessmann. Entrevista, São Paulo, year 18, n. 069.01, Vitruvius, feb. 2017 <>.

Gabriela Celani, Oliver Tessmann, Tobias Walisser e Rafael Urano em um restaurante em São Paulo
Foto divulgação

Tobias Wallisser

Is Professor of Innovative Construction and Spatial Concepts and Vice-President at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. In 2007, Tobias and two partners founded LAVA – Laboratory for Visionary architecture, an international architecture think tank with 45 staff based in offices in Berlin, Stuttgart and Sydney. As Associate Architect at UN-Studio in Amsterdam he was responsible for many projects including the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Germany. In 1997 he received a post-graduate degree from Columbia University (NY). He worked for Asymptote Architecture on the Virtual New York Stock Exchange in 1997 and for German firm KTP on an award-winning low-energy office project in Germany. He lectures at universities throughout Europe and has won many awards (

Oliver Tessmann

Is Professor for Digital Design (DDU) at the Technical University Darmstadt School of Architecture . His teaching and research revolves around computational design and digital manufacturing in architecture. From 2012 until 2015 he has been an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, KTH Stockholm. He has been a Guest Professor at Staedelschule Architecture Class (SAC) in Frankfurt, heading the specialization “Architecture and Performative Design”. He worked with the engineering office Bollinger + Grohmann in Frankfurt at the interface between architecture and engineering. After graduating in 2001 at the University in Kassel he was working with Coop Himmelb(l)au in Mexico and Vienna and Bernhard Franken in Frankfurt. In 2008 Oliver Tessmann received a doctoral degree in the field of “Collaborative Design Procedures for Architects and Engineers” at the University of Kassel. His work has been published and exhibited in Europe, Asia and the US (

Gabriela Celani and Rafael Urano

Are professors of architecture at the University of Campinas.


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