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interview ISSN 2175-6708


Entrevista com o arquiteto alemão Peter Mehrtens, chefe da equipe de concepção computacional da Bemo Systems e sócio de uma firma de consultoria chamada Design to Fabrication.

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CELANI, Gabriela; BARBOSA NETO, Wilson; MOARA SANTOS FRANCO, Juarez. An interview with architect Peter Mehrtens. From Design to Fabrication. Entrevista, São Paulo, year 16, n. 063.02, Vitruvius, jul. 2015 <>.

Arena das Dunas, projetada pelo escritório Populous
Imagem divulgação [Website Populous]


Peter Mehrten’s workshop on building Grasshopper components in C#, inside Visual Studio, was attended by eight researchers from the University of Campinas plus eight researchers from public Universities from other parts of Brazil. A GH component allows to encapsulate a procedure used for generating geometry parametrically. By inviting people from other parts of the country, we expect to contribute to creating a community of future educators who will be prepared both technically and critically to revolutionize architectural education, encouraging the new generation to make their own tools, instead of being just naive users of the over-the-counter technologies. As late professor Paul Coates asserted in his las book, we need “to reposition the computer in architecture away from the ‘look no hands, I don’t know anything about programming, but I know what I like’ attitude of the architectural profession to a now developing interest in getting to understand this tool” (2).

We would like to thank FAPESP for sponsoring Peter Mehrten’s trip to Brazil and all the workshop participants for their interest and enthusiasm.

Workshop participants

Unicamp:  André L. Araujo, Filipe Campos, Victor Calixto, Juarez Franco, Pedro Giachini, Wilson Barbosa, Daniel Lenz, Gabriela Celani.

University of São Paulo: Renata La Rocca, Elza Miyasaka.

Federal University of Juiz de Fora: Frederico Braida.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul: Waldo Costa, Elisa Brandelli.

Federal University of Pelotas: Luisa Felix.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: Andres Passaro.

Federal University of Parana: Leo Somenzari.

Federal University of Mato Grosso: André Campos UFMT.


COATES, Paul. Programming Architecture. Routledge, 2010.


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