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The international jury -  Giulio Cappellini, Sven Jonke, Sophie Lovell, Jimmy MacDonald and Vasa J. Perović - has selected this year’s best works and the most resonant ideas exhibited at 23rd Biennial of Design, which at the opening of the Biennial on 27 September were presented with special BIO Design Awards. This year the recipient of the BIO Gold Medal were also received a grant provided by the sponsor of award, Petrol. A completely new award category has been introduced, the BIO Green Award, intended for those products that excel in being particularly environmentally friendly.

BIO 23 Gold Medal and BIO Green Award

Sea Chair

Design: Studio Swine and Kieren Jones
Co-authors: Azusa Murakami, Alexander Groves and Kieren Jones

This is an ingenious, solution-driven, holistic project that nevertheless retains a poetic component in its apparent simplicity. In our view it fulfils many of the requirements of “good design” in today’s world. One cannot justify separating “green” from “good” design – good design should consider the environment in all its aspects. In this respect the Sea Chair, which considers life-cycles, systems, industrial and social factors in a local, global and product context, as well as addressing one of the biggest pollution problems of our age, is a fine example of good green design. We very much hope to see this project implemented in the future.

Special Jury Award

Balkan type system

Designers: Nikola Đurek (Typonine) and Marija Juza (Babushke)
Producer: Typonine, Zabok, Croatia

An unusual typography project that responds to a political communication issue in an inclusive rather than divisive manner.

Special Jury Award

Trail$ smart banknote system

Designer: Nitipak Samsen
Client: Future of Money Design Competition 2011, Consult Hyperion, Surrey, United Kingdom

Finding solutions is about identifying problems. A critical project in a documentary medium that works on many levels, this project simultaneously proposes a new monetary system and criticises the surveillance society context of our digital world at the same time.

Special Jury Award

DNA Hacking Yoghurt

Designer: Tuur van Balen

A superb example of communicating a complex design concept and processes, Van Balen deals with a highly technical issue by hacking the seemingly impossible with the help of online shopping and DIY.


Student Work Award

Gravity Stool

Designer: Jólan van der Wiel
Tutor: Bas van Beek, Gerrit Rietveld Academie/DesignLab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

By combining iron filings, resin and the power of magnetism Jólan manipulates material to create a unique and highly memorable new process-driven form and aesthetic.



Student Work Award

Wooden coats

Designer: Max Böhme
Tutor: Dieter Hofmann, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule, Halle, Germany

An ingenious DIY synthetic wood veneer process of accretion that is 100% biodegradable and suggests a new “organic” aesthetic that is not, for a change, computer-generated.


Student Work Award

Visualising Typographic Diversity posters

Designer: Karin von Ompteda
Producer: Digital Print Studio, London, United Kingdom
Client: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Ottawa, Canada
Tutor: Jeff Willis, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom

Typography meets the growing design discipline of infographics in a particularly elegant manner.


Student Work Award

(Un)Useful clothes collection

Designer: Irena Rojs
Tutor: Metka Vrhunc, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia

A project that takes production left-overs from a hyper-inflated, hyper-wasteful industry to offer a product where consumers buy less, spend less, yet get more.


BIO Honorable Mention

MeshMatics lamps

Designer: Rick Tegelaar

The film, the tools, the process, the production and the products themselves all combine to create a harmonious and poetic whole.



BIO Honorable Mention

Terra stools

Designer, producer: Adital Ela

One of the most ancient construction techniques adapted to process waste building materials to generate a universal and simple object of utility.

BIO Gold Medal and BIO Green Award



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