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The Urbenviron Association ( and the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Brasilia welcome you to attend the 5th Urbenviron International Seminar Brasilia 2012 that will be held in Brasilia, Brazil, October 18 to 20, 2012.

discussion topics

1. Environmental governance and public polices

  • Regulatory framework;
  • Territorial planning as an instrument of urban governance;
  • Management of risks and disasters;
  • Capacity development of local authorities and civil society organizations;
  • Public-private/public-public partnerships;
  • Economic instruments and tools to improve sustainability;
  • Social organization;
  • Information production and dissemination for better governance;
  • Successful experiences.

2. Territory, urban mobility and transportation

  • Sustainable urban transportation systems;
  • Models and tools for planning, design and operation of urban transportation;
  • Information technology and transportation science.
  • Successful experiences.

3. Urban planning for climate change - Prevention, Adaptation and Mitigation

  • Land use planning to prevent climatic extreme events;
  • Natural hazards mitigation and adaptation;
  • Sustainable urbanization: concepts and implementation;
  • Standards and codes for sustainable neighborhoods;
  • Methods of environmental planning/Strategic impact assessment.

4. Sustainable urban infrastructure - Water Supply, Sanitation, Drainage, Energy and Solid Waste

  • Sustainable urban infrastructure, green technologies, eco-technologies;
  • Innovative methods for urban infrastructure adapting cities to climate change;
  • Local and regional environmental sanitation planning;
  • Urban wastewater treatment, disposal, reuse and sludge management;
  • Solid waste collection, treatment, disposal, recycling, reuse and recovery.
  • Energy efficiency, renewable energy technology and requirements set by a changing climate.
  • Urban drainage.
  • Soil contamination, brown fields;
  • Successful experiences.

5. Water management

  • River basin management and territorial planning;
  • Water supply, water treatment, water distribution;
  • Regulatory framework;
  • Policies and evaluation studies;
  • Successful experiences.


May 15

submission of an abstract (maximum length of 350 words) containing: purpose, design/methodology/approach, findings, originality/value, key words, paper type. Paper title with 125 characters maximum length. All abstracts must be sent to and to

June 22

publication of the abstracts selection results.

August 31

submission of a full-length 10-15-page paper, author’s registration and fee payment (at least one of the authors). Paper format: A4, Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman 12, space 1.5, margins 2.5 cm on all sides. The text should contain: Number and title of the Discussion Topic; Title; Author(s) name (s), institution, address, email; Abstract of 10 lines; Key words; Introduction; Methodology; Discussion; Results; Conclusions; References.

5th Urbenviron International Seminar Brasilia 2012

in 15/05/2012

Universidade de Brasília
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro
Brasília DF Brasil

Lilian Nascimento - Arquitetura Mackenzie
São Paulo SP Brasil


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