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Versus Corbusier takes given in the title the Latin preposition versus, word taken of the English jurisprudence in the sense always of confrontation, but whose royal meaning is ” towards to “, ” to go towards “. Hereby, Towards Corbusier or Corbusier Goes towards Him, might recall in the title the manifest written in 1923 by the teacher, Vers joins Architecture, on which it was catching fire to show the keys of an architecture still for coming, and on that today we are completely immersed.

In this Versus Le Corbusier’s third edition we will try to establish the keys to understand the architecture of our time, by means of the analysis, comparison and influence of the thought and the work of Le Corbusier, in relation with other teachers of the Modern Movement or with the most representative architects of the contemporaneousness. We try to do a reflection by the beginning that govern the architecture by means of an analysis and study between the architects and the most significant works of the history of the architecture in general or of the modernity and contemporary architecture especially. And all of them, selected by the own pupils depending on his interests of investigation: the seminar adapts to the worries of the pupils without losing the aims of the same one. It is a question so of an opened and flexible seminar, always determined by the architects and topics selected in every occasion by the student body. Corbusier is a question itself of an opportunity to check the figure and work of Him in relation to other big architects.

Parallel, we will try to transmit to the pupil the mechanisms and the keys to approach his future Doctoral Thesis with efficiency: to face the pupil with the draft of a text that well might be understood as a chapter of his Thesis (appointments, bibliography, chapters, references to images, etc.) or to realize a public exhibition of the works that well might be understood as a test of his reading and defense. A publication with record ISSN will gather the obtained results.

seminarThe Seminar will be structured in three parts. The first one, with a series of classes of support and context to the figure of Le Corbusier; the second one, with a series of classes in format conference – colloquium given by invited teachers; the third part will consist of the classes given by Raúl of the Valley, the director of the Seminar.

This set of classes of the teachers want to be in addition references to the pupils at the moment of realizing his works: the pupils will be able to see of hand of the teachers what they themselves will have to do at the end of the course with the public exhibitions of his works. In the second week of course, the pupil will select the architect chosen to relate with Le Corbusier. The qualification will consist of two parts: the public exhibition that will be realized at the end of December and a written work that will submit throughout January.

Technical university of Madrid
Technical Top school of Architecture of Madrid
Department of Architectural Projects.

serviceMaster in Architectural Advanced Projects 2011/2012
Seminar Versus Le Corbusier
Teacher, Profesor, Raúl Del Valle González

october 2011 - january 2012

classroom 1n5, on wednesday and thursday from 12:30h to 14:30h.

seminar begins at the 5th october

Seminar Versus Le Corbusier

from 05/10/2011
to 26/01/2012

Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid
Avenida Juan de Herrera, Nº 4 Ciudad Universitaria 28040

Madrid Spain


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