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Circo Massimo competition wants to create a new center in a polycentric city like Rome, a new meeting place, where young people can meet for sports, for a concert in the evening, for an exhibition, for a play.

Rome is one of the cities with the highest number of tourist visits per year and it's rare be faced with a project in a city so rich in history and culture.

All structures must be dismantled and eco-friendly, is not permitted the use of reinforced concrete.


The space should be treated as a blank slate on which write with a pencil. At any time you should be able to change the structure of the area, erase and rewrite.

Music: 1500 mq of structures for small musical performances (stages, audiences, green areas, mobile structures, paths)
3000 mq of outdoor sports equipment (parks, trails, outdoor sport equipment, training courses)
1000 mq of exhibition space (exhibition routes, temporary installations, land art)
100 mq of services (accessibility, restrooms, administrative areas)
Dining areas:
300 mq (bars, small restaurants, mobile structures, green areas, paths)

Given the complexity of the relationship with the site, the competition organization leaves a lot of freedom in the functional program.

participation fee

50€ until July 31
70€ from August 1 to September 30
80€ from October 1 to the end of competition.

competition deadline - October 31, 2011, unless extension.

further information

Circo Massimo Competition

até 31/10/2011


Rome Italy


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